Welcome to DC Fit Chick, my website dedicated to bring together the DC area in fitness! Being a successful Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor for years, I have helped my clients reach their goals and achieve things they never thought possible! Because of this, I wanted a way to reach more people, so that they too could have the amazing results my clients were seeing.  

My entire life, I have always wanted to be an “exercise person”, and with all the misguided information out there, I had to figure out what worked best for me and what works best for my clients.  Although every person is different, I have figured out the most effective exercises and nutritional tips that has yielded the most results in my clients.

My second goal growing up was to be a professional cheerleader; and after three times trying out, I finally made it!  This website also includes my fitness routines and tips that helped me make the squad!

Whatever your goals may be, I hope I can help inspire and motivate you to push through and achieve your dreams!