"Starting a pilates program with Christa was one of the best decisions I have ever made. In just six months, my body has been transformed. It is toned and much stronger than it was before, despite all the hours I spent swimming and running.  The best thing about pilates is that it works your whole body. I can finally feel my core and it is defined, along with my arms, thighs, back, butt, and legs. At my wedding last month, nearly everyone asked what I was doing to look the way I do, and I knew the answer was working with Christa. I am the strongest and most confident that I have ever been, and I plan on continuing pilates classes as long as I can. The benefits are well worth the time, energy, and commitment!"    

                                                                                        -Rosina, Bethesda MD. 

"Why do I love training? Because it works. Especially when you're with the right trainer who understands your goals, cheers you on, and understands that sometimes (or always) you need an extra push.  Working out with Christa is fun and hard (especially if she's had to much sleep the night before) but she motivates me to push myself and she keeps me accountable. Also, we laugh -- a lot! It doesn't seem like so much work when you get to laugh. Most importantly, personal training works. Slowly but surely, with Christa's help I'm getting back in shape!"          

                                                                                         -Moshina, Washington DC.

"The results I have achieved to date are due to Christa’s perfect combination of diverse training methods, individualized exercise programs & challenging yet achievable goal setting. Her extensive knowledge, professionalism, and infectious personality mixed with her enthusiasm to her work and her clients, provides the best equation for success and sets the foundation for a healthy lifestyle beyond the gym. Christa has taught me with ambition, drive, and determination anything is possible! Not only do I train with Christa three days a week, I also participate in her weekly group fitness classes. Prior to working with Christa I would have NEVER done such a thing. Working with Christa has taught me to push past my fears with Cerebral Palsy and commit to the process because when you work hard, but have fun desired outcomes/results are guaranteed! If you are you are just getting into fitness, feel like you don’t know where to start, or are a fitness guru wanting to learn more and push past your comfort zone and have an amazing workout-- Christa is the trainer, DC Fit Chick for you! Thanks, girl for all you do! Keep kickin’ a$$ and changing lives!"

                                                                                      -Taylor Carlson, Rockville MD.